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Pinwheel Kids

Play is the universal language for children. 


Valerie Bushwood, LCSW

For over 20 years as a clinician I remain passionate in helping children, adolescents and families who are struggling with emotional issues and challenges. I provide services for children and teens ages 3-18.

My patient and compassionate approach promotes healing and positive changes. I utilize a strength based treatment to empower children and teens to be successful and emotionally stable. I establish positive relationships with my clients, even those who are initially resistant to therapy. I follow their lead, knowing that establishing rapport and trust is the first step in the therapeutic process.

Treatment includes play therapy and other approaches that are individualized for each child or teen. Parents are actively involved in the therapy process as we work together as a team to meet your child's treatment goals. My office is bright, welcoming and child friendly.

I assist children and teens in finding tools to promote self esteem, healing, and success. My clients look forward to their therapy sessions, knowing they are being heard and supported in a safe and nurturing environment.

About Play Therapy

Play therapy has been determined to be the most effective treatment for children.
Play provides a safe psychological distance from their problems and allows expression of thoughts and feelings appropriate to their development. Through play therapy, children are able to increase their self- worth and self-acceptance with the assistance of a caring and nurturing therapist.
Play therapy promotes:
Expression of feelings
Problem solving skills
Self esteem and confidence
Processing trauma
Coping skills
Anger management
Positive behavioral changes
Social skills
Anxiety management

Other forms of treatment are utlizied in combination with play therapy or alone dependent on the child's or teen's needs. 
These include:
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
Trauma focused
Parent education
Sand tray
Family systems


My office is bright, welcoming and child friendly.


Teens benefit from aspects of play therapy and other treatments individualized for their needs.

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